Instant Dashboards For Any Data Source

Bashboard is an all-in-one dashboard that can access any data source online. No more chasing stats across the web. No more manual data entry. No missing integrations. Get the insight you deserve. Make great decisions.

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Logos of Zapier, Webhook and POST request


Connect a service with a Zapier integration, Webhook or POST request

Different chart type examples


Data is ready! Now choose the best chart.

Woman is deciding.


Learn from the metrics and make informed decisions!

Track anything!

Social media, Financials, User funnels, Sales targets, Marketing results, Ad spend, Server uptime, Website traffic, GitHub activity, CI/CD, KPI's, Grandma's heart rate.


Send data from any source

Bashboard's main purpose is to accept data through POST requests from any source. It's like having integrations to infinite services. There's also Zapier with fixed integrations and a click-only interface.

Feed data in any format

It's not your job to figure out our API. So we'll make a chart out of anything you throw at us. If you don't get what you expected - let us fix that issue for you and others. So go ahead, shoot!

Never lose your history

We wont reset your data whatever happens. Change chart settings, send us data in a new format. Whatever happens, your history will remain in tact. Even if the charts get confused - what you send to us is stored in it's original format.

Who is this for?

If you want to make data-informed decisions and use many different services for your job - Bashboard is for you. Especially if you already have multiple dashboards spread across the web. Or even worse - you've made a custom intermediary database between your data source and the dashboard. Yikes! You'll love Bashboard.

Who is this not for?

If you have only a single data source (like your app DB or server) or you need deep insight with detailed custom queries - you're better off with Grafana or Databox.

Extra benefits

Open source

All of the code is available on GitLab . Don't be tied to the provider. Perhaps you need very business specific charts? Maybe you want to keep your data a secret? Maybe all you need is the backend? What if Bashboard is a good starting point for a whole other solution your business needs? No problem, make it happen. Just don't be a jerk and sell our software, check the license :)


Apparently there are dashboards that update every 4 hours.. Why use them? Our charts go from data to chart in less than a minute. And our aim is to make it instant (it's definitely possible).

Easy customization

Currently our customization is super easy. Our next iteration will add flexibility. Ultimately the goal is ultra-configurability (is that a word?). To the point that you can write your own data conversion function and/or chart type.

Dedicated to users

Bashboard without it's users is a bullet train with only one passanger (only ourselves would still use it). Thus feature requests are taken seriously. Bugs will be fixed. So report them, talk to us. And we're not a corporation, you'll probably be talking to a developer.

No data lock-in

You can download all of your data when you need to migrate somewhere else. We are the best at what we do, but needs change and we don't solve all problems in the world. You own your data, we'll package it up for you if you go.

Mobile first

If you need to show growth in an elevator-pitch to an investor - you better have your dashboard ready on any device. Bashboard is responsive and usable on anything from phones and tablets to TV's and digital billboards. I mean why not show the world how amazing you are :) (smartwatch anyone?)

Embed anywhere

That dashboard in at the top of this page is live data. In the same way your dashboard is ready to be shared on your website, blog or presentation. Why bother updating data if you can have live updates. Impress your audience. Build trust.

No-contact setup

To send data to Bashboard you don't need to come to our website to generate a special link. All you need to do is remember your username and you can make up the rest of the URL on the go. An example: Martin has a project named KissingBooth and he want's to track usage, so he makes a POST request (or connects a webhook) to Either with empty data or some useful numbers.

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