Hi. My name is Krister Viirsaar and I built Bashboard (with a little help from my team). We're actually a 6 person development team doing client work. From time to time we make our own products also.

While building a product I found that there's no way to track my user funnel of Mailgun -> Unbounce -> My Node.js app. Not without having to learn someone's custom API that is. That's crazy, I don't have time to learn and remember another tool for such a simple task! What's worse is they're limited in functionality AND CLOSED SOURCE.. Not a great investment of my time.

So starting with a simple website and customer interviews, we decided to solve this problem for us and others. While thinking about this problem we figured out a way to keep the API so simple that you would never need to come to the website to send new data . After first usage anyway. Well, this was very exiting and thus a few week project turned into 3 months. We wanted to get the database right after all.

It would be cool if this project sustained itself money wise, but it would be even cooler if it had a cool community around it . Thus everything is open-source. And well, OS also came from wanting to fix usability issues and add customizations in other products we use.

Regardless if this project becomes popular I'm using it and will keep developing it for years. Maybe I've made the mistake of falling in love with my product, but it seems to me that this thing is really cool and useful. And fun.

All the best,