These examples will show what kind of data Bashboard can currently accept. If there's something missing that you need let us know in the forum . It's a priority topic. Zapier (click based integrations) is coming later.

Please note that even if your preferred data format isn't (yet) supported your data will be saved anyway. So if something is missing you can start sending us what you need, then file a feature request .

There's 3 types of example data on this page:

Strings (some repeat)

"home", "examples", "price", "price", "home", "price"


15, 10.2, 3.3, 8.1, 8.9

JSON objects

  an_object: 32.3,
  with_numbers: 12.7

Last entry

In the very least you're going to see the last entry you sent us, regardless of content. This is why it's also the default chart. In this example you can see the actual data format used in these examples.


Series is your data as it was received with no time-grouping. Numbers or numbers in object values work.


All of the charts (except for Last and Series) can be grouped by minute, hour, day and month.


See your data averaged. Either numbers or numbers in object values.


Same as average, just.. instead it sums numbers.


If you've sent strings, then we can group and count them.

Example data:

"home", "examples", "price", "price", "home", "price"

Count entries

With any type of data we can always just count how many entries there are.

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